Model Studio Lighting Course
Studio Lighting Part 2

This course will teach you......
  • How to use feathered lighting
  • Single head lighting setups
  • How to run a shoot
  • How to use different lighting to vary your shoot
  • How to create Low Key moody Portraits
  • How to create different "looks" in the same session
  • Shoot all afternoon, plenty of time to actually use your camera
  • Every delegate gets a discount voucher off studio hire for our new studio here at Alnwick in the future

Course Overview:
This course is for either people who have attended Studio Lighting Part 1 or are well used to studio environments. The course is limited to 6 people so Andy can spend lots of time with each person and you can ask loads of questions.

This course will cover more advanced lighting setups and especially the use of feathered lighting, as well as single flashead set ups for more dramatic lighting. We will show you how to shoot a portrait shoot/model portfolio using different lighting to achieve professional results.

As always at Photobarn all your images are yours to use and you own the copyright with full model release in place.Have a look (on left) at some of the type of shots you will get on this course. You will need a DSLR to complete this course, although as always we can lend you a camera for the duration, please bring your own SD memory card.