Beginners Studio Course
Studio Lighting Part 1

Just Bought a Home Studio setup, want to take pictures in a pop-up studio? This course will teach you......
  • How to set up your lights
  • What different Lights should do! Background, Main and Fill Lights
  • What different attachments are for, Softboxes, Snoots, Spillkills & Umbrella's
  • How to use a flashmeter to "Balance" your lights
  • How to create High Key (White Background) & Low Key (dark backgrounds) Portraits.
  • What equipment you really need - Flasheads or Continuous Lights - Which is best?
  • What camera settings do you use

Course Overview:
This course is a great introduction to a studio and is great for anyone who has just bought studio flasheads. Studio lighting looks so scary but once you know how to use them it opens up a whole new world of photography, be warned though you might get hooked on shooting in a studio and then your dining room at home will always have a background and lights setup. Let be honest you never ate in there except Christmas anyway did you?

This course will cover everything from using a flashmeter to balance your lights and describing the different uses for different pieces of kit and will also include an actual Studio shoot so you can practice your new found skills. The course is limited to 6 people so Andy can spend lots of time with each person and you can ask loads of questions. As always at Photobarn all your images are yours to use and you own the copyright with full model release in place.