Photographing Children

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    Photographing Children Course

    This course will teach you......
    • How to structure your shoot when working with children
    • How to get the kids working with you to get great images
    • How to choose the right clothes for your shoot
    • How to choose the locations for your shoot
    • How to build the right atmosphere and make it fun!
    • How to let the shoot happen naturally and still get the shots
    • How to talk to kids and handle their parents!
    • How to deliver the shots mum & dad want and yet still appear cool to the kids
    Course Overview:
    Kids strike fear into some of the most hardened professional photographers, they say never work with kids or animals! We do both here at Photobarn and enjoy every minute of it. We'll teach you how to make your kids sessions your most profitable as well as some of the easiest you'll shoot. Confidence is everything with kids, if they smell fear you've had it. Learn techniques that will structure your session and get you the shots you've always wanted. Once kids are having fun you'll find the expressions just happen and all you have to do is capture them. We have photographed thousands of kids over the years and use our experience in which techniques work and which don't. This course is a must for all of you who are wanting to expand into portraits, because trust us you will shoot kids,kids and more kids as a portrait photographer! The course includes two practical shoots for you to see how to handle kids of different ages and you can use the images you shoot in your display portfolios. Come and join us on this course and we will demistify all the common fears of photographing kids and you'll get some great shots as well.