Out & About

Business in Photography
Out & About portraits: environmental portraiture
This course will teach you......
  • How to structure your Out & About shoot
  • How to use natural light
  • How to select backgrounds and locations
  • what equipment you will need
  • How to use clothes and props to make that award winning shot
  • How to use off camera flash to create portraits
  • How to take professional portraits
  • At the end of the day we will discuss the other courses available including Photobarn's Pathway 12 month course.....

Course Overview:
Environmental Portraits are all the fashion, for the last decade we have all been photographing portraits in a white studio. But no more, we all want something different from the generic white studio look and Out & About Portraits will teach you the skills needed to head back outside with your subjects and shoot great portrait sessions. We will teach you about how to structure the shoot, how to take pro-portraits and how to shoot using daylight and off camera flash. Spread over the day there is a classroom session follwed by a shoot with a model. There are only a maximum of 10 delegates on each course which will give you more than enough opportunity to try all the techniques and get the shots you need. As always at Photobarn the copyright belongs to you so you can use the images for display. N.B. You will need a DSLR for this course, Bridge and Compact camera's are not suitable for this course. You will also have a good working knowledge of apertures and shutter speeds.