Lightroom Advanced

Beginners Digital Photographers Course
Lightroom for Beginners

This course will teach you......
  • How to import your photo's into Lightroom
  • How to create your own Photo Library/Archive
  • How to use Keywords and tagging your photo's
  • What are Presets? And how to create your own customised Presets.
  • How to Crop, Retouch using brushes and the Grad Filter
  • How to use Vibrance, Saturation, Clarity and Spot Removal (Cloning)
  • How to reduce Noise on your images using Lightroom
  • How to manage digital workflow and give your images that WOW look!
  • How to export your images and create Backups

Course Overview:
This course is a great introduction into Digital Workflow using Adobe Lightroom. This course is designed for beginners and deals with the most common tasks used in Lightroom and looks specifically how to import your images and then how to retouch your pictures using brushes, cropping and the Grad tool. Fast and effective techniques for giving your images that WOW look, whether that be landscape photographs or people photography. We also look at how to export your photo's when you have finished retouching your images.

You will need your own laptop to bring with you with a copy of Lightroom 3, 4 or 5 already installed. We would reccomend an external mouse to make life easier when you are retouching your photo's and you can download a free copy of Lightroom for 30 days from

This course is limited to 10 delegates so we can spend plenty of time with each person as you retouch your own photo's. As you retouch your own images on your own computer your tutor will show you the techniques on the screen, this is a far more effective way to learn Lightroom rather than just being lectured to and forgetting the important points before you get home to try on your own home PC. We expect this course to be extremely popular so please book asap.