Accredited Photography Course

A practical and classroom course in photography.

This course will teach you......

  • How to use and understand your DSLR camera
  • What equipment you need and what is available
  • Step by step tuition on how to use apertures, shutter speeds, ISO and histograms
  • Practical photography modules in Commercial and Table Top Photography (Pack Shots), Portraiture and Wedding Photography
  • Practical modules in using light, daylight, studio and flash light
  • Modules on digital workflow - learn how to use Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop
  • How to prepare your work for printing and/or digital presentation
  • How to plan and implement a professional photography business

What you will need......
  • A DSLR with a small zoom lens or a Bridge Camera (a camera that has the modes (A(AV), S(TV),M and P)
  • A flashgun for your camera
  • A laptop with a copy of Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop installed
  • Plenty of batteries and memory cards for your camera
  • Appropriate clothing for outdoor shoots, a good coat and perhaps some wellies or waterproof boots.

If you don't have any of the above don't worry we provide everything you will need, free of charge, (except the coat and wellies!). You will also be given a comprehensive manual with course notes, relevant training materials, you will also receive your workbook that you will need to complete to apply for your Level 3 qualification.

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Course Overview: Please click the Timetable link to see detailed content on each day
Week One:
We cover the basics and get you a good grounding in photography, examining how to control exposure and be in total control of your camera. We also look at the digital manipulation side of photography as well as practical shoots that allow you to specialise in your chosen field (social - wedding and portrait, Commercial, Product table top photography etc).

We look at all the equipment that is available and discuss what you really need, we also explore digital workflow solutions and how to get the most out of Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop to reach a finished professional image.

Week Two:
We put all we have learned in week 1 into practice, after an initial review of topics in week 1 we set a series of practical assignments to be completed during the week. Assignments include: Studio and Environmental Portraiture, Wedding Photography (at a different location) and 2 Commercial Photography assignments (table top photography aka a pack shot and a location based commercial shoot).

You will complete a workbook to evidence your learning and will produce a portfolio of finished images to start your initial body of images to show potential clients. We take you through the world of large format printing and how to finish your work ready for sale or presentation.

Course Schedule & Support:
The course is separated into two 5 day long courses with a gap between the two weeks to complete assignments and research. We would encourage you to leave at least a fortnight between courses so that you can be prepared for week 2. There is continued support (telephone and email) after the completion of week 2 until you are ready for your final submission for your level 3 qualification.

Aims of this course at the end of the qualification:
You will understand different applications of photography.
Know how to use photographic equipment and employ professional standard photographic techniques.
Be able to plan and produce photographic images to fit a specified criteria (ie meet the brief)
Be able to reflect upon your photographic images and Crit your work for onward photographic
personal development

Summary of this course:

If you either want to become a professional photographer or want to take pictures as well as a professional photographer then this course will suit you. We take you through all the modern techniques to understand and then achieve images right from conception and creative thinking through to final presentation of images. We also touch on marketing and business planning for professional photography

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