How to Use Your DSLR Part 2

Beginners Photography Course
How to use your Digital SLR Camera Part II

This course is ideal for anyone who owns either a Digital SLR (Single Lens Reflex) or Bridge camera. And has ideally completed our How to Use your DSLR Part 1 course and is comfortable with the basic controls on their camera,

This course will teach you......
  • How to use LIGHT!
  • How to use bounce and swivel on your flash
  • How to eliminate red eye forever
  • Fill flash and when to use it!
  • How to use Reflectors for portraiture
  • Exposure Compensation & when you need it
  • How to use your Custom Functions on your camera
  • Practical Portrait Shoot using Reflectors
  • Printing your images out- Lab or Inkjet
  • How to apply all the techniques learnt in Part I in a practical environment
  • The difference between full chip and 2/3rd chip camera

Course Overview:
Now that you have completed Part I it is time to cotinue the beginner journey. We will look at the more advanced features on your camera such as the mysterious Custom Functions! We also and importantly look at Light and how best to use it in photography. We have a practical session on the course looking at different types of light and how to use reflectors, one of the cheapest but most vital part of your camera kit. We venture outside to photograph some portraits in our pituresque setting to demonstrate how using the correct light can transform your images.

Using your new found knowledge in reflectors you have an intensive portrait shoot with your tutor and a model, shooting in groups so everyone gets the shot. Then its back inside to look more closely at how to print your images and how to make sure the colours on your printer match!