Groupon DSLR Pt 2&3

Hi and thanks for deciding to purchase one of our Groupon offers! If you click on the links at the bottom of the page they will take you to the course descriptions of the courses. Then when you have decided which deal you would like, pick from the drop down list and click the Buy Now button. Remember Deal 1 is for just DSLR part 2, Deal 2 is for DSLR Part 2 & 3 and Deal 3 is for DSLR Part 2 & 3 and Lightroom for beginners. If you complete all these courses you will have a fantastic comprehensive knowledge in photography and you'll be all set to photograph anything that comes along. Click on the deal you want below and it will take you to our Paypal checkout and you can pay by either paypal or debit/credit card (NB we don't take American Express) or you could call us direct on either 01207 589580 or usually better to call the company mobile which is 07931 338947

See you soon...... The Photobarn Crew