Families for Profit

Business in Photography
Families for Profit Course

This course will teach you......
  • How to structure your shoot when working with families
  • How to get the kids working with you to get great images
  • How to choose the right clothes for your shoot
  • How to choose the locations for your shoot
  • How to build the right atmosphere and make it fun!
  • How to let the shoot happen naturally and still get the shots
  • How to talk to kids and handle their parents!
  • How to increase your average sale from family portraiture
  • How to sell your images before and during the shoot as well as at the Preview

Course Overview:
Photographing family portraiture is nothing new but like a lot of things knowing how to do it well will make all the difference to your sales. We will teach you about how to structure the shoot, how to use natural light to its best, how to manage your diary and optomize your sales from this style of portraiture. There is a family shoot which will give you an opportunity to try all the techniques we will teach you. All the time showing you how you can increase your average sale by informing your client along the way, learn how to shoot for profit and how to create buying opportunities for your customers. Whether you are an aspiring professional who wants to gain the techniques necessary to start shooting families or a professional photographer who has been shooting for years, our aim is to increase your average sale from shooting families. We finish off the day by talking about the most important aspect of dealing with families: Customer Aftercare and Recomendation!