Landscape Photography Course
Castles and Beaches

This course will teach you......
  • What we really mean by ‘landscape’ photography
  • How to pre-visualise your image
  • Why composition can make, or break, your image
  • How to take control of your camera settings
  • How to control exposure for shooting landscapes
  • How to avoid the mistakes your camera makes
  • What equipment you really need
  • How to find the best locations and utilise the best camera position

Course Overview:
This course is ideal if you enjoy being outdoors and want to use your camera to capture more than simple snapshots. Shooting at some of Northumberland’s most iconic locations (Lindisfarne, Bamburgh, Dunstanburgh) you will learn the basic ‘rules’ of landscape photography that will enable you to choose your viewpoint, visualise your final image, and take control of the camera settings so that you get that image. You will also learn about the ‘mistakes’ that your camera can make that will affect your images if you don’t take control when you need to.

You will have full copyright on the images you shoot, so you will be able to add them to your portfolio of display work.

First meeting at Photobarns Alnwick studio you will then be whisked away in our people carrier and we will transport you around the various locations (typically two castles in the day), lunch is provided in the form of a luxury packed lunch, don't worry though you still get one of our famous Cupcakes!. Due to the nature of this course there is a minimum attendance before we guarantee the course will take place. We need at least 3 people to book in order that the course is going to go ahead. Why not come along with your friends to ensure that the course will definately go ahead. We anticipate that this will be a very popular course so book early. A maximum of 6 delegates on the course so Martin can spend plenty of time with everyone.

Start times vary depending on the time of year especially in Winter so you can take advantage of Dusk and Dawn shooting opportunities. Winter Castles & Beaches courses begin at 8am so you can get the best shots! We know it's an early start but trust us the shots will be worth it!