Basic Digital Photography

Beginners Photography Course
How to use your Digital SLR Camera

This course is ideal for anyone who owns either a Digital SLR (Single Lens Reflex) or Bridge compact camera (a Compact camera with different modes such as Aperture Priority(Av), Shutter Priority(Tv) or Manual(M) settings) and wants to learn a little more than just pointing and shooting on full Automatic Mode.

This course will teach you......
  • Learn the basics in a day
  • How to take better pictures with your DSLR
  • What different Controls on your camera are for
  • What different Autofocus Modes are used for
  • The basics around Apertures and Shutter Speeds
  • How to use Aperture Priority to control backgrounds
  • What is ISO and how to use it to eliminate camera shake
  • What equipment you really need
  • Opportunity to put into practice your new skills
  • Review of images and overview of Cropping

Course Overview:
Now that digital photography is here, everyone seems to be able to take pictures and even the best cameras have the automatic point and shoot modes. If you want to understand your camera a little more and begin to master the skills of photography then this course is for you. Your Tutor, Andy Brown,a photographer for over 20 years will teach you the basics about the different modes on your camera as well as what apertures and shutter speeds are, you'll soon learn what your favourite settings are and what gives you the results you want.

The first part of the day will be spent on talking you through the basics on your camera in our classroom and a practical demonstration outside of the techniques just discussed. After lunch there will be an opportunity to put into practice everything you have learnt during the morning session on a nature shoot based in and around our rural setting in Northumberland. Your tutor Andy Brown will show you how to put into practice everything you have learnt including how to control your shutter speed and apertures, composition and how to use the ISO setting on your camera.

We will then return to the studio to review what you have shot and show you basic techniques for downloading your pictures onto your computer. We'll also show you a little about editing (choosing your favourites) and finally cropping your images.